Critical Bases of Finalizing Your PhD Research Topic

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When you do literature search, you mostly end up with several ideas that look appealing to be taken up as your subject of research. While you cannot do that, it may also be confusing to finalize the most relevant and suitable option for your study. Here are some critical bases on which you may select the right topic for your academic life’s most significant project.

Your interests in the subject area

Initially, you should consider your subject area once again and check which of your ideas are truly innovative and unique. Determine whether your ideas would be able to contribute something substantial to the field of research. When you filter out some options, check your knowledge and evaluate your interests in specific ideas. It is important that your interest be maintained throughout a long research period.

The scope of your topic

It is essential that your study topic contributes to your academic area, as well as helps in your own career progress. See whether your future career plans would be supported by your specific study. If some topics really add value to it, then filter these aside.

The perspective of readers

Generally, your target readers belong to your academic area and look for something new and creative to add value to their field. If you find some ideas that can really look at a subject from a fresh perspective, then do consider these. While choosing a contributory topic, it is also necessary to take the reader’s interest into consideration.

Research feasibility

Another critical basis of your topic selection should be the feasibility of studying it in detail. When you have to fill the research gap, it is important to work on an idea that is not only manageable, but is also questionable and researchable. Be specific with regard to your topic so you can complete your study well within the allocated time.

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