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Having camaraderie and a good relationship with your mentor is the most critical factor that will help you become successful as a Ph.D. aspirant. A good mentor-mentee relationship can blossom when the mentor has the essential traits that we will discuss here.

Approachability, availability, and the ability to listen
As a mentee, you should never feel hesitant to approach your mentor. Your mentor’s availability is crucial when you are seeking advice or consultation. Also, make sure you are setting up an appointment with your mentor when they are really ready to listen. Don’t catch them when they are at their busiest. So put some effort in setting up schedules and appointments. Organize beforehand what you would like to talk to your mentor about. In that way, you make the most of the time you’ve got with your mentee. When all the efforts have aligned it will encourage your mentor to listen to your research problems and give wholehearted counsel and advice.

Honesty with diplomacy
For the most productive relationship, bear in mind that both you and your mentor have to be honest with each other. But not to the extent that you must forgo diplomacy. Have an open lively conversation without beating around the bush. Be willing to debate and discuss in a tactful way. Good mentors will always give constructive criticism that you can work with and improve. A good mentor can provide the best of guidance and allow the mentee to use their own judgments and make the best of decision for themselves with regards to the next step of action in their dissertation.

Compassion and genuineness
Compassion is the most incredible quality to have as a mentor. Furthermore, the compassion must be balanced with genuineness, wherein the mentor is able to give constructive feedback. These qualities ensure that your mentor has your best interest at heart and will help you achieve a specific goal in your research.

Objectivity and fairness
Best mentors are those who are not the only objective but also fair in their judgment. This is important to help you grow as an independent and competent researcher.

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