How to Deal with Major Concerns that Turn up While Writing a PhD Thesis?

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Thesis writing- a difficult and time-consuming task

In the life of every graduate student, a time comes when he or she realizes that the last one year of the graduate school cannot be endured. Even though a year spent writing your thesis is filled with frustration and angst, the task of researching, planning and writing a thesis for PhD is probably the most soul-discovering quest that you are likely to undertake in your life. Apart from the related traditional notion of research anxiety and trouble, it is a complete journey of excitement that will examine your character to the soul. Thesis writing is a difficult and time-consuming task and, at times, it moves you up to a phase when you are compelled to question your abilities and interests you are actually writing about. However, completing a thesis is one of the most satisfactory instances you can experience. A student should give the best possible chance to work through the thesis until its end. In order to reach the finishing line, you should make some major considerations.

What points must a PhD thesis researcher factor in?

1.) The first consideration should be the planning; you cannot start a dissertation haphazardly, as it cannot take you to the finishing point of your thesis successively. If you do not start as you mean to go and properly manage the work, then you would be at the risk of becoming incredibly bothered by the jumbled and slow progress.

2.) When you are in the phase of data collection and searching relevant sources, the odds of things becoming messy with the bulk of data increases. Therefore, to cope with that problem, one should create and devote folders to each chapter and subchapter; remember to back up all important computer files.

3.)  A genuine researcher is always very punctual in meeting deadlines. Therefore, in order to lessen the workload and to divide time into various research tasks, a researcher is strongly recommended to set or plan deadlines into his/her schedule. In this way, you would not have to be strained to rush any part of the thesis.

4.) Establishing an outline at the beginning is quite beneficial for the successful achievement of this tiring and exhausting exercise. At the planning phase, developing an outline for the entire thesis is like making a summarized plan of your entire activities. It is a tried pattern that surely diminishes the chance of being lost in the research journey.

5.) When you finish the chapter divisions and headlines, these small segments help you to concentrate on each and every minor detail of the study and as a result not even a single aspect can be ignored.

6.) Another major consideration in PhD thesis writing is the approach of the research paper. It is the ultimate need of research that your audience must be engaged with it.

7.) If you are dealing with a scientific or technical subject, you are expected to use the specific technical language. Conversely, slang usage will make it harder for readers to comprehend the meaning of your work.

8.) When a researcher reaches the end of his/her study, do not strive to make the paper visually attractive. By emphasizing on improvement diagrams or creating a fanciful cover sheet, a writer would be distracted from the actual work.

9.) Last but not the least, the last advice to a new researcher is that there will always be something that could be improved so not to become driven by perfectionism but your aim should be to carry out the work within the set deadline.

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