How to Write an Effective Abstract for your PhD Thesis?

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A PhD abstract is a short summary of the entire proposition. The abstract gives an insight into the entire PhD work. An abstract in any discipline generally incorporates the following focuses:

a) The research focus, i.e, a statement of the problems, issues

b) The methods and approaches used

c) The results and findings

d) The conclusion and implications

The abstract forms an important component of the PhD work. This section is by and large perused by an external examiner who will do a scrutiny work of your thesis. Therefore, the abstract ought to be fully comprehensible to readers who will read your full paper. For a thesis abstract to be effective there are many aspects that go into consideration. Here is a list of ways which can be reflected on to compose an effective abstract for your PhD thesis.

Incorporation of the main point

The PhD abstract should only incorporate the central point of the entire work. It can be challenging to compress your whole thesis into just a couple of points, but it is extremely important to select just the main points of the subject undertaken. Pick out the most important point of your research and include it in the abstract. Make sure that the abstract gives a clear summary of your overall argument.

Short yet impactful

The finest abstract is always short but impactful. That is to say that the abstract ought to be short and clearly communicate the central point. While writing always stick to the word limit. Try not to compose extremely long sentences. Avoid writing superfluous words and sentences. Write only that which is required. The work should be short but impactful.  

Results referenced well

The main aim of your research paper is to reveal to the readers what you have discovered during the course of your research work. The sole purpose of the abstract is to report the fundamental results of your research. So, the abstract should always disclose the results of the subject.

Grammatical error-free

To encourage readers to read your script you need to create a positive impression with your words. You cannot create a decent impression with error filled compositions. Make sure that your work is 100% grammar and spelling mistakes free.

Easy Vocabulary

Vocabulary is the soul of your write-up. To express yourself clearly, use easy and simple words. Keep your communication effortless and effective. This will ensure that the readers have a smooth reading experience of your work.

So, by considering the above points you can elevate your writing and make your abstract as efficient as possible.

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