The Stages of the UK Education System and Their Importance

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When you decide to learn about the education system in the United Kingdom, the first thing you will have to know about is that the system works in stages.  The stages are segregated according to the ages of the students and the years for which they study. Here you will find a break up for the stages and how they are segregated based on the importance of the study.

The First Stage:-

The first stage consists of the initial years of schooling and education that a student attains before starting primary education. The stage of study is not compulsory and parents can choose to either educate their children in the pre-primary stage or not.

The Second Stage:-

This is the primary stage of education and starts from the age of 5 up until the age of 16. This is the stage where the education is made compulsory for the students and parent need to ensure that their children are either sent to a full time school or home schooled as per the required standards.

The Third Stage:-

This is the stage that follows primary education and is known as the secondary education stage. This is the stage which comes right before further education and prepares the students for a life at college.

The Fourth Stage:-

The fourth stage is the stage of further education. The students in this stage do not have to compulsorily take an education but those who opt for the education need to be associated with a university or college that provides further education also known as the tertiary education.

The Fifth Stage:-

This is the final stage of study in the UK education system. It consists of higher education that is done after graduation and includes post-graduation and doctorate programs.

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