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Publishing a journal paper could look like a tedious job. However, timely tips could help one to feel easy and finish off the job with cool mind. Here are the top secrets shared by the experienced journal editors for researchers who are in the process of publishing their journal paper. So please select the advice which you think is the best for you:


  1. Have a focus and a vision: Numerous papers in multiple journals have a common message, ‘The key to successful publishing of an article is to ‘get a vision’. There has to be a reason and purpose for writing. Once you have a vision, write it down and keep it in constant view. This will help in reminding you of your mission.
  2. Write clearly: There has to be a good idea for excellent research or for good, clean, clear writing. Neatness also counts in the matter. Though there could be grammar mistakes or gross violations of APA style, but they should be avoided as they “give the impression that you’re not so careful.”
  1. Get a pre-review: Make it a point to read the manuscript before you send it to editor. It’s better to recruit two colleagues, first one, who is familiar with the research area, and the other one, who knows little or nothing about it. While the former can help in providing technical advice, the latter can determine whether your ideas are being communicated.
  2. Send your manuscript to the right journal: Many a times the manuscripts are rejected. This is because of the result of manuscript-journal mismatch–a discrepancy between the submitted paper and the journal’s scope or mission.
  3. Beef up your cover letter: Remember that cover letters are important. It can accommodate  the author’s rationale for choosing the editor’s journal. It can also suggest reviewers for your manuscript especially in the case of a field that an editor is not so well-versed in.

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