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It is often considered better to learn from other’s mistake and be alert for your turn rather than committing it on your own and wasting time and effort in improving it. The same is applicable in every phase of your being, may it be academic or professional. Considering both this period of effort you should acknowledge the fact that although it’s your master dissertation, but still you need some guidance because it is your “master’s dissertation” and probably your first step in the research ground.


Many scholars make an effort of writing their master dissertation on the basis of their confidence and knowledge, whereas others don’t even have a clue of the same. Thus, few tips are mentioned below in order to make your master dissertation successful –

  • Because you are new to the research world and are equally unaware of the do’s and Don’ts of the same, thus an expert advice and his supervision can be proved truly beneficial for you. Hence, never hesitate to discuss the topic, structure and methodologies applicable in research with your guide or subject matter expert.
  • Go through the guidelines as demanded by the university. By no means forget to follow every small point mentioned by the University.
  • Thorough your basics before choosing your dissertation topic or even starting your dissertation. Once your topic is finalized, read as many journals and research papers published as possible related to the same. This will help you in being more conceptual and contextual while doing research and writing your dissertation.
  • Choose an appropriate research methodology according to your topic and issued rose in your dissertation.
  • Be punctual and complete your dissertation within the given time limit. Also, on no account fail to revise your dissertation before submitting it.

Hence, you can prepare an appraising dissertation by following above mentioned points.

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Brandon has been working with PhD and Master’s candidates for their thesis and dissertation since 2007. He is a sports enthusiast and has completed his PhD in 2009. He works closely with students and candidates for consulting on academic documents.

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