Importance of conclusion in your thesis

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Imagine a journey without a destination, a book without an end, food without dessert, a room without a door; you got the drift! That is how significant a conclusion is for your thesis.

It gives it an outline and powerfully captures the essence of your thesis. It highlights the important points-thus making the context of your argument clear. A good conclusion can leave a lasting impression on the mind of the reader, compelling him or her to think and re-think about the arguments stated in your thesis. The person may or may not remember about the whole essay, however, he or she will base his/ her analysis and judgments on the last few lines written at the end.

However, most often the conclusion is taken for granted as it is the “last paragraph” that needs to be written. On the contrary, a lot of emphasis must be given to this part of your dissertation as it gives the readers the whole idea behind the argument. It reminds them of all the valid points that you have used to prove your argument in the paper. It is your final say; the last words that you will use to back a particular viewpoint across to the world.

A conclusion has the power to make or break your dissertation. It helps to elucidate the arguments stated before and puts all your hard work concisely. It reiterates to the readers why they read your thesis in the first place and whether or not they should agree with your point of view.

As T.S. Elliot eloquently puts it, – “Round and round the circle, Completing the charm, so the knot be unknotted, the cross be uncrossed, the crooked be made straight and the curse be ended”. Unfinished tasks, according to the “Zeigarnik effect (a term named after Russian psychologist, Blyuma Zeigarnik in psychology where a person tends to experience intrusive thoughts about an object that was once pursued and then left incomplete”) are the cause of frustration that lead to increased levels of stress in our daily lives. It also leads to ambivalence and procrastination and munch through a huge amount of our emotional and mental energy.

Hence, it is essential to finish what you have started. Would this article have had the same impact that it has now, had it lacked the last few lines or the “conclusion”?

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Brandon has been working with PhD and Master’s candidates for their thesis and dissertation since 2007. He is a sports enthusiast and has completed his PhD in 2009. He works closely with students and candidates for consulting on academic documents.

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