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journal publicationWho doesn’t want to get published in a journal which pays off your hard work on the paper?

After pulling all-nighters, finally you have prepared a research paper and hoping it to reach to all the researchers and scholars across the globe. For this, journal publication is necessary since it is one of the best possible ways to contribute and gain recognition among research intellectuals.  Before you move on to submit your manuscript to any journal, spend a little time to inspect the prominence of the journal in the field of research academia. Make sure the journal has the following cornerstones:

  1. Peer Review Journal
    The quality of your paper varies from reader to reader and researcher to researcher. But to gain recognition all over the world of academia, you need a strong attestation of the value and quality of your paper. Thus, you are required to submit and publish your paper with a journal that holds peer review as quality check process of the research paper before its publication. In peer review process, your paper is examined by the subject matter experts who thoroughly analyze and point out the structural faults and grammatical mistakes that can break the flow of your paper. Nothing is much better if you publish in a peer-reviewed journal.
  1. Both Online and Offline Edition
    It seems vague condition to look for a journal which is published in both print and online media. Publishing online is simple, cheap and accessible for all, but print publishing is not everyone’s cup of tea. The print publication is costlier than online publication due to the hike in paper and postage cost. So if a journal is reputed, and successful, it is published both in print and online media. And it is not easy to get published in any such journal due to high publishing standards of research papers. Thus, your article or paper published in such a journal would enhance the importance and quality of your paper.
  1. Impact Factor
    Controversial feature of any journal is the impact factor. An impact factor is a numeric value given to a journal based on its citations and number of times it is published throughout a year or two. Many authors look for a high impact factor journal to get published with since it marks the popularity of the articles/papers published. The high an impact factor is, the more priority is given to it. However, it is not mandatory to opting out a journal due to its low impact factor since many critics and researchers reject it to judge the standard of paper. It is just to make sure that the research community at least recognizes it.
  1. 3Rs
    The journal should constitute of 3Rs- Recent, Relevant, Reliable.
    Recent means that the journal is updated and regularly published within a year so that your papers once published will be reached to the masses frequently. Also, the more often it is published, the more researchers associated with it, more informative it is, the more it is recognized. Relevancy of the journal and its parameters of research area must be assessed. The journal should contain research papers, articles, and reviews of quality which should specifically address and hover around your subject. Such papers act as the foundation for the future research to be done on the subject matter. Hence, it should be relevant for author, journal, and scholars. Reliable journal must be preferred over any other; it should follow strict privacy policy, terms and conditions to sustain your prominence as an author researcher, or and that of your paper. Preventing your work from any illegal or commercial purpose should be the concern of the journal with which you publish.


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