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There will be times in the process of you achieving your PhD degree, when you will feel like you are sinking. This will especially occur when you are on the stage of writing your dissertation. You will want to question yourself and know why you ever decided to opt for a PhD that is when these tips will come in handy to keep you ashore.

Stay in touch: Make sure you keep taking feedback from a mentor, you need to work towards the dissertation like you have no other chance, only then will you actually be able to clear it sooner. A mentor will point out your strengths and weaknesses and that will help you work on your project in a better way.

Pay attention: Listen and make note of all that your guide tells you, important information, tips to writing, ideas about your project or even criticism. All of this could be of major help to you and you will be able to evolve your dissertation in a better way

Remain Sincere: Keep putting in your best foot forward, remember that you started it because you had the confidence; if you are struggling right now it is only because you may have fallen short of confidence, not because you are not cut out for it.

Be original: Originality pays, not only in the value of your work that gets increased, but also because you will be able to learn a lot more with originality than you may learn from copying the work of others.

Share: Write about your experiences and try to share what you learnt from your experiences. It will not only give you a relief by way of venting, but will go a long way in helping others who are in a similar situation.

It is evident that nothing is really difficult if you put your mind and concentration to it, because all it takes is some amount of effort and innovation.

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Brandon has been working with PhD and Master’s candidates for their thesis and dissertation since 2007. He is a sports enthusiast and has completed his PhD in 2009. He works closely with students and candidates for consulting on academic documents.

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